Programmer based in London: into the cutting-edge of tech, the history of computing, science fiction, VR, game development. Solving problems with simple design and clean code.

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Site domain moved

To jasonsackey.wordpress.com and I may further move it to my personal domain, jasonsackey.com which needs more content anyway. I still own/rent overflow.space, which still points here. It’s still a good name.

Beginning development with function and a DB on Begin

I wrote about my impressions with this software development platform: View at Medium.com I expressed some confusion about certain obstacles and described some workarounds. Ryan from the project replied on Twitter and helped me towards figuring out the issues, and I’m quite satisfied with proper solutions. I amended my post with the answers. But IContinue reading “Beginning development with function and a DB on Begin”

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Building on the Web since 2012: sites, apps, frontends, backends, games…

πŸ•ΉοΈ Games

πŸ“¦ Bankoso

Sokoban-like puzzle game. Push blocks around. Unlike in the original, here you can shove multiple blocks simultaneously.

Bankoso screenshots

🧩 Orbital (WIP)

Build a lovely space habitat in this tetromino-based action-puzzle game.

Orbital screenshots

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  • Web development with HTML, CSS, and JS
  • React, GraphQL, Angular, Backbone, jQuery, Sass
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