Programmer based in London: into the cutting-edge of tech, the history of computing, science fiction, VR, game development. Solving problems with simple design and clean code.

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Abbreviation: hypertext markup language A file format for text documents. As you use the web, your browser downloads content in this format, interprets it, and presents you with a web page. What’s hypertext? Basically, text with links to other text. As can be seen by opening it in a text editor, the HTML of aContinue reading “HTML”

Site domain moved

To jasonsackey.wordpress.com and I may further move it to my personal domain, jasonsackey.com which needs more content anyway. I still own/rent overflow.space, which still points here. It’s still a good name.

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πŸ’» Software development

Building on the Web since 2012: sites, apps, frontends, backends, games…

πŸ•ΉοΈ Games

πŸ“¦ Bankoso

Sokoban-like puzzle game. Push blocks around. Unlike in the original, here you can shove multiple blocks simultaneously.

Bankoso screenshots

🧩 Orbital (WIP)

Build a lovely space habitat in this tetromino-based action-puzzle game.

Orbital screenshots

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  • Web development with HTML, CSS, and JS
  • React, GraphQL, Angular, Backbone, jQuery, Sass
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