Low-friction publishing

Many years ago (in 2015!) I published this listicle: Apps for super fast Web publishing. I became interested in Pastebin-like web services, and thought it’d be cool to list the ones I’d discovered, with some commentary. That’s 9 of them. Now, in late 2018, 5 of them have disappeared from the face of the web. one (pen.io) was rebooted, its content flushed.

Zillions of pages of content destroyed. For sure, most of it was worthless. It’s good to have another reminder of the ephemeral nature of online stuff we’re tempted to depend upon.

I’ve made a new list. I picked a more useful format, a Google Docs spreadsheet. You can edit it to add new ones.


It also has a Graveyard page for dead services. Let’s not forget them.

My old list excludes services that require any sort of sign-up, so they all allowed anonymous posting. I’ve expanded my remit to include services that ask users to sign in via a common third-party authorisation. So, TwitLonger is on the new list. It was around in 2015, and it’s still here. It’s ad-supported.

All these services, except Pastebin and Tinypaste are ad-free on content pages. I guess they’re cheap to maintain.

I guess not cheap enough!

(Commentary on software updates will resume)

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